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Mortgage advice Spain – Get informed on what you can borrow

The Mortgage Quick Scan provides information on your real possibilities for a mortgage in Spain: the maximum amount you can borrow, monthly payments, and terms. Within the Mortgage Quick Scan there are possibilities to vary with purchase prices, mortgage interest rates and terms.

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After completing the Mortgage Quick Scan, we will:

  • discuss your financial situation and the amount you wish to borrow
  • verify if the monthly instalments suit your situation
  • explain the mortgage offer
  • explain the related costs
  • review the action plan of the mortgage application
  • discuss the different strategies for a successful completion

This is also one of the greatest advantages of WeCare Mortgages: we shop for the best mortgage offer and translate the Spanish way of working to your understanding and expectations.

  • After you complete the Mortgage Quick scan, you will receive a pro forma quotation with the mortgage conditions like the mortgage interest rates, terms, monthly instalments, mortgage costs etc.
  • The “subject to financing” situation is addressed through calculating the maximum mortgage amount beforehand. We know the criteria that the Spanish banks use and are able to indicate the maximum mortgage accurately.

Our team operates as a real partner with you in all aspects and processes of the application in order to get the best possible mortgage quote. WeCare Mortgages assists you throughout the entire mortgage process. It is clear and a lot easier!

Buying a house in Spain?

Professional guidance is very important when you do not speak Spanish.


Is it interesting to modify your current mortgage in Spain to a lower interest rate?

Build your own property in Spain

With a construction mortgage you can finance the construction of your own house in Spain.

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Mortgage advice Spain

Refinancing your current mortgage

In a market with low interest rates, refinancing your current mortgage might be worth considering. Every case will depend on the current mortgage, the remaining term and the penalty that will be charged.

There are two ways to refinance your mortgage. You can renegotiate your current mortgage to obtain a lower interest rate or you can contract a completely new mortgage. This can be done at your own bank or with a different bank.

It is important to keep a good overview of the costs and the possibilities before you sign anything. We can work with you to calculate the potential benefit for you.

Choosing refinancing depends on the total costs, the monthly savings and the flexibility of the Spanish banks. We can calculate the possible advantages for you.

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