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Applying for a mortgage in Spain without professional help can be a complicated and unclear process. With the guidance of our mortgage advisors your mortgage application process is well organized, clear and easy. We have developed a clear action plan for a transparent approach throughout the whole procedure. Before you apply for a mortgage we recommend that you read through all the information on this site and do the Mortgage Quick Scan.

It is important to be informed and prepared before you start to apply for a mortgage. This is the best way to increase your chances for a loan and ensure a smooth process.

Understand your mortgage options

Booking a ticket to Spain will be even more fun when you know your financial options for buying a property in Spain. The Mortgage Quick Scan provides clear feedback on the maximum possible mortgage and terms within 48 hours. This includes a Spanish pro forma quotation in English.

Guidance by our mortgage advisor

Once the Mortgage Quick Scan has been completed, our WeCare Mortgage advisor will brief you on various key aspects of the mortgage process: the mortgage expenses, the loan amount, and other costs that are typically involved. You will also be informed on the Spanish mortgage procedure – so that you understand exactly what to expect.

Providing the documents

Good preparation is half the battle! Once we have all the documents, the mortgage application will be submitted to the bank. There is no need to translate documents into Spanish, we will take care of this. To keep the momentum in the application process, your WeCare Mortgages advisor will review your mortgage file in detail. We aim for total transparency in the process to give you clarity, understanding and peace of mind. And we work hard for a successful outcome for you.

Applying for a mortgage in Spain

Before you make an offer on a property, it is wise to get a ‘first mortgage – ok’ from the bank. The concept of ‘subject to finance’ does not exist in Spain. With the so-called ‘first mortgage – ok’ you are in a position to make an offer.

Valuation of the property

After you have received financing approval, the property can be valued. This is required in every situation. The appraiser checks the legal documents of the property. A valuation report is valid for 6 months.

Present a quotation

At this last stage of the Spanish mortgage process, you will receive a quotation. With the proforma quotation you will already have been informed about the financing possibilities and conditions. At this stage, you will also receive an overview of the costs as well as the remaining documents in preparation of the signing of the deeds.

Transfer of funds to Spain

Your lawyer will present the final legal documents. At this point, you can transfer the remainder of the purchase price funds to Spain and the cheques will be issued by the bank. The date and hour for the signing at the notary will be confirmed.

Notary appointment!

Finally the moment has arrived: you can go to the notary.Please bring something to drink and have lots of patience, sometimes it can take hours. In Spain often things have to be arranged in the last moment. At the end of the day you will the owner of your dream home!


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