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Apply for a Spanish NIE number

Where can you apply for a NIE number?

As you could read on the page NIE number Spain, a NIE number is necessary in Spain. You can apply for one here:

1. Spanish consulate

The fastest and shortest way to apply for a NIE number is via the Spanish Consulate in your home country. On the web site of foreign affairs in Spain you will find a link with the Spanish Consulate in Spain, see below. Here you can read in English how to apply for a NIE number in Spain:

Website Spanish Embassy

2. Via a lawyer, legal adviser or ‘gestor’

If you are in Spain already it’s also possible to request for it locally. For example, a lawyer, legal adviser or ’gestor’ in Spain can apply for your NIE number with a (notarized) power of attorney. Depending on the area in Spain, there are different rules on this. Read here about the duties of a lawyer.

3. National police office

Another alternative is to request the NIE number yourself at the nearest national police office. However this is not very recommendable. Nowadays you can make an appointment for the NIE number but keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that things will be done on time. Patience is a virtue in Spain.

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NIE number Spain

Request the NIE number on time

We recommend you to apply on time for the NIE number to avoid delay when buying your property. We can start the procedure for the mortgage in Spain without the NIE number, but at the notary the mortgage deed can only be signed by showing the original NIE certificate.

No long queue hours

We have heard stories from our clients who did not know it was possible to apply directly for the NIE number at the Spanish consulate. They have been waiting for hours in the queue at one of the Spanish police offices. There is an effective and simple way by following the instructions in the official web-link above.

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