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Karin & Hugo (Spanish clients May 2018)
Buenas Tardes Martin, Queria agradecerte por tu trabajo y paciencia que tuviste con nosotros para poder concretisar esta compra del adosado. Estamos muy felices y hemos pasado un fin de semanan espectacular en nuestra nueva casa. No durare en recomendarte en mi entorno.

Esme and Andy (2nd of June 2017)
We can not praise the staff and service at We Care Mortgages enough. We received a streamline, 5 star service from start to finish. Martin and Astrid were always available to help with our endless list of questions and concerns. Buying your first home is the biggest investment that you will ever make so it can obviously be stressful, more so when buying your first property in Spain. We wanted every finest detail explained in English and it was. Everybody that we dealt with was very friendly, well informed and above all professional. We truly feel that our mortgage was a stress free experience due to We Care Mortgages. We cannot thank you enough for your assistance in buying our first home.

Patty (October 2016)
Last May, my girlfriends and I stayed in a friends’ fantastic casa in Villamartin, Orihuela.

A lovely place for a short break or a holiday. I immediately looked into how I could realize my own house in Spain. Via Google I found the website of WeCare Mortgages. I filled out the form and soon Martin Faessen contacted me. Super friendly and of great service. Martin really did a fantastic job in getting me a mortgage. Everything accelerated. With Martin’s assistance doors opened for me and on the 27th of September the door of Pat’s Casa! Martin and the team of WeCare Mortgages deliver high speed services, are very reliable and highly recommended to anyone who has the same plans! Martin, once again thank you very much!

Ron, self-employed (September 2016)
After extended contact with different brokers and the bank, we got in touch with WeCare Mortgages through our realtor. Our contact person was Saskia Gruijters.

The contact with her was really pleasant. She communicates quickly and clearly. We stumbled on the many rules in Spain but she guided us very well. We kept in touch very closely, and it ultimately went very quickly.

Maarten, self-employed (June 2016)
Via Euro Economics I connected with WeCare Mortgages to finance our Spanish home. Saskia of WeCare Mortgages was a great help in Dutch. For those who are self-employed, it is not always easy to get a mortgage. But Saskia and her team know exactly what’s needed in Spain. And, despite the complexity of a non-standard application, they don’t hesitate to invest a lot of time in a custom made solution. Thumbs up to the drive and ambition for great customer service!

The customer focus of WeCare Mortgages is an example to the financial services sector.

Alex and Paul (April 2016)
Via the website we found WeCare Mortgages. Our contact person was Saskia.

She communicates well and fast and has a nice personal approach. Important: she thoroughly explains how things work in Spain and how it differs in the Netherlands. She explains the various options which allows you to make your own decision.

She made our application and interests her main focus and succeeded in achieving the best possible result. Something that needs attention is the back office which is a bit sloppy now and then.

Wilma and Gerda Manshanden (December 2015)
After a long search through Greece we ended up in Spain where the value for money ratio seemed better than in Greece. A few acquaintances of ours also own a house in Spain, so we were not totally unfamiliar, starting the search, making various trips through this beautiful country.

The house also had to meet certain requirements: low maintenance garden, privacy to sunbathe, far away from forests because of fire risk, near airports and the sea.

Eventually we found a home in the province of Murcia, a country house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a tiled garden complete with a swimming pool; we checked the internet to see how to go about it. There we soon came across WeCare Mortgages and we made a Mortgage Quick Scan to see if we could sort this out financially. After a week we had the result of the scan and we knew all the ins and outs.

We knew how much we could get from a Spanish bank and we started the negotiations with the real estate agent who had our future home in his files. This took a few weeks until an offer was accepted.

The ladies of WeCare Mortgages assisted and advised us very well and we had  email contact frequently; it really is very handy to communicate in Dutch. On the 17th of December we signed the deed at the notary in Mazzaron and the house became our property.

Hereby we would like to thank the ladies of WeCare Mortgages who have guided us throughout the whole process, they are highly recommended.

Anja en Aad van der Pluijm (November 2015)
Thanks to WeCare Mortgages we quickly found a mortgage for the purchase of our apartment in Spain. From beginning to end everything was organized very well. Muchas gracias Melanie.

Dalina (August 2015)
With regard to your services, I am really pleased we chose you as I had a great experience. All correspondences were detailed and clear, and also on time. A mortgage process is not easy. Yet you made it possible and not too stressful to deals with this paperwork and communications. Thanks you so much for all your help. You’re friendliness was great, your availability and willingness to help me out was excellent and is appreciated. I am very happy to work with you again.

Patrick Laenens (August 2015)
We have been a very satisfied customer of WeCare Mortgages for a number of years, and were recently assisted with great efficiency on a car and an hospitalization insurance. And friendliness is a high priority!! Highly recommended.

Sjako van de Merwe, car insurance by Hypotienda (August 2015)
Recently I had damage to my car in Spain and obviously that’s quite a bit difficult in another country. Fortunately I am insured  with Hypotienda so everything was solved quickly. I emailed the damage report and within a week the car was already repaired. Everything was arranged friendly, smoothly and properly.

R.H. van Arnhem, car insurance by Hypotienda (August 2015)
Six months ago, I got car insurance via Hypotienda. This was super easy and fast and everything online. Also changing the insurance to a different car again went quickly and easily.

Also the confidence in the customer seems to be “big” at Hypotienda. And…. The prices are very reasonable. Normally I am not a big fan of insurance companies and banks but in this case I can only be positive: good and fast service, personal approach, competitive prices. GREAT.

Peter Schot, car insurance by Hypotienda (July 2015)
On the 22nd of July, a cracked window pane was replaced to our full satisfaction. The supplier of the window pane and the contractor delivered very good work. Thank you very much for the mediation activities by Hypotienda and the follow-up by Chantal of Hypotienda.

Henk Meijerink (25th of May 2015)
Thank you, we are very happy with the house. In January we visited Torrevieja for a week, endlessly viewing new and existing houses, but the last house was by far the most beautiful for both of us. It is actually in the middle of Torrevieja, close to everything but because it´s in a walled residence it’s very quiet which is perfect. Approximately 1,5 km from the beach and promenade, easy to walk or cycle but free from the big masses in the season…great!!!!

Your service (Melanie) and Hypotienda was incredibly good, friendly, correct, superfast and always available (and I am not telling you this because I just found the face behind Melanie on your site…)

Also the link with Karen Okendo worked out great, this way I didn’t need to get anywhere in between.

Let this be an example for many bureaucratic authorities in the Netherlands!!!! Personally, I am very capable to handle things on my own but this would have been too complicated, also the language barrier is too big.

Wilco and Miranda van Dam (18th of March 2015)
The staff of WeCare Mortgages have really helped us and they know what paths to follow to contract a good mortgage. They answer your questions friendliness and with patience!! And there will be a lot of questions if you are going to buy a house in Spain; it is a bit different than in the Netherlands, all the paperwork that has to be filled in etc….They work together with your lawyer and the bank so everyone knows what needs to be done. They guide you through the whole process which is great if you don’t speak the language. Also for insurances you can leave it all up to them.

Good to know that everything is well taken care of. We are going to enjoy the Spanish sun….


Nicole Möhlmann (17th of March 2015)
First of all, thank you for your congratulatory words! I already connected with the contact at the bank that you recommended, and she answered my question immediately, so it’s going perfectly!

Furthermore, Bart and I would like to thank you for the nice cooperation last year. You always informed us well, ensured a solid and fast follow-up, and all along you are very friendly and understanding. And it’s great that we can just communicate in Dutch with you, which makes everything a lot easier! If we have any questions in the future it is nice to know that we can get back to you. We’ll be in touch!

Rob van der Grift – Orihuela Costa (9th of February 2015)
Referring to the annual renewal of our insurances and this time specifically for adjustments to our car insurance, I would like to thank you. You arranged it very properly, by sending us a confirmation email as soon as possible and the modified policy by mail. In addition to the positive reactions about Hypotienda’s roadside assistance, you also really live up to your administrative reputation. With good service the right mediator is worth his/her money. But in proportion of course. We also can see that online internet providers are cheaper but then I also hear the negative experiences (in our neighbourhood) about them when there is damage.

Important to me is that when I compare (like I also did in the Netherlands): what are the prices doing? Are they increasing, or do they remain more or less the same as with many others. So it’s great that Hypotienda also makes an effort for her customers in this way.

Jeanny Grevelink (29th of January 2015)
We already had gotten car insurance with Hypotienda to our satisfaction. When we wanted to register as residents, a private health insurance was required. Everything was time sensitive in order to complete the procedure at the police office properly.

Hypotienda helped us to our complete satisfaction: we always received a same-day response to our emails, they took care that the necessary documents were mailed and sent back on time. All the information is clear and the forms were composed carefully so you knew what they were asking you.
In short: excellent service!

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