Taking out a Spanish mortgage in two steps

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√  Personal calculation of the maximum loan in Spain

√  Overview of the monthly costs (instalments) and conditions in English

√  Insight into the total costs of your Spanish mortgage

√  Advice on the best mortgage for your situation

√  Discussing the various scenarios to get to the best possible mortgage choice

√  Strengthening your negotiation position by clarifying all your financial possibilities



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√ Personal advice from one of our experienced mortgage advisors

√ Assembling your mortgage application file. Good preparation is half the battle

√ Translating your English documents to Spanish

√ Requesting financial approval at the Spanish Banks and the opening of a Spanish bank account

√ Arranging the valuation of the Spanish property

√ issuing of a mortgage quotation with the best possible mortgage conditions in your circumstances.

√ explanation of the Spanish documents in preparation for the notary appointment

√ Maintaining contacts with the real estate agent and the lawyer to ensure an efficient purchase process


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